About Us

Objectives & Activities

  1. To preserve and protect the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history of Grouard and area.The Society will:
    • Undertake historical initiatives relating to Grouard and area, and its residents of the First Nations, Metis people and the many others who called Grouard home;
    • Collect and store historical, geneological and archival information such as maps, photos and other records in order to document the history of Grouard;
    • Research and publish information about the history of the area;
    • Bring together people who once lived in Grouard or who have connections with the community so that they can contribute to historical accounts or documentation.
  2. To educate about the unique culture and history of Grouard and area by providing historical and educational material for the public.This will by accomplished through:
    • Workshops and seminars
    • Newsletters
    • Books
    • Magazine and newspaper articles
    • Website and other social networking opportunities
  3. To encourage the study and appreciation of the history of Grouard and Area, and the cultures of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who settled there.This will be accomplished through:
    • Identifying and marking historic sites in Grouard and area
    • Special events that educate about historically significant people, places or events.
    • To establish, maintain and operate a northern Alberta Museum or Interpretive Centre of provincial scope in Grouard.
  4. There is no Provincial Historic Museum facility in this region of NW Alberta, yet an important part of Alberta history resides in Grouard. We aim to establish an interpretive centre of Provincial scope here in Grouard. This new centre will welcome visitors from around the region and around the world.
  5. To sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of, or otherwise deal with the property of the Society.This goal is a housekeeping item to ensure that we can properly deal with any property accumulated in the course of working toward other goals.

Elected Officers

PresidentDuane  Nichols
Vice PresidentGreg Lunde
SecretaryLouise Myre
TreasurerSusan Nielsen
DirectorsLouis Bellerose

Lynn Sandquist

Fern Welch

Cathy Wilcox

Arthur Wood

Ray Willier